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Terms & Stuff

Okay, we're all adults here, so here is the skinny on some simple house rules.

A full list of the house policies and rental agreement available at our listing on Vrbo:

  • Maximum Occupancy is 2 adults. You must be 23 and older to rent the place. And, you cannot rent the house for someone else — friends or family — it has to be you renting it for you to stay (the donkeys will rat you out if you try to get around this).

  • Check-in is at 2:00 pm, EST. A door code will be texted to you prior to check-in. Keep us posted on your arrival. If there is no previous guest, we are happy to have you come early.

  • Check-out is at 11:00 am, EST. Late Check-outs are available with permission

  • We don’t charge a damage deposit for our bookings. Minor accidents happen (there is an “Oops Bucket” with cleaners under the sink), but guests will be responsible for any property damage for any ruined or broken furniture, or rugs that cannot be repaired or cleaned. We care for the place ourselves, so if there is an issue, just text us to let us know. FYI, I keep a variety of cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink.

  • No Smoking — anywhere on the property. Sorry folks, it's dangerous, smelly, and not good for you. If you want to smoke, do it in Lexington or Staunton (which has a wonderful cigar shop). Signs or smells of cigarette smoking will result in an additional $100 cleaning fee.

  • Dog stuff — my dogs are no angles (as you can probably tell by the pictures), but when I travel with them, we respect the rules of the house we are visiting. Dogs must be crated if left unattended — we have new crates of various sizes on the property — to save you from packing one. There are bags to pick up after their potty breaks, so others don't step in your dog's poop. No dogs on the furniture or on the beds. Any dog hair on the bed or furniture will result in a $50 added cleaning fee. There will be a full replacement costs fee charged for any rugs or furniture ruined beyond repair or cleaning by the four-legged kids. (Sydney has a good nose, she will go right to another pee spot and point with an accusing look) Dogs get excited and like to run and explore new places, please keep them out of the field with the horse and donkey (or the cows next door) — it's their home and safe place, please respect that.

  • No weapons in the house, or, weapons discharged on the property. If you have to travel with a gun, leave it locked in your car at all times.

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