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Your hosts are Michael and Dee Papit

 We live just down the road in a renovated 1936 Sears Kit House. Michael is an architect, and Dee is a marketing consultant. Purchasing Windward House in 2017, led us to put our combined skills to use as creators of inviting physical spaces, and managers of great customer experiences. We've stayed at vacation homes with terrible beds, poorly equipped kitchens, rickety chairs, and terrible views.

We decided to do it differently.


This is not a hand-me-down house, nor is it furnished with hand-me-down stuff. We wanted to create a space that was specially designed for guests to enjoy. From the original art, to hand-picked mattresses and linens, this house was custom designed for visitors. It is private, charming, easy to get to, yet, you

feel like you are miles away from your world. 

So come, relax, enjoy, and be at home.

P.S. The beautiful dogs in this picture with us on the porch, are not our dogs (we have bat-eared Cattle Dogs). These pups are the amazing Valor and Lattice, who are being trained by Richmond friends to be service dogs for people in need. Check out this wonderful organization: Canine Companions for Independence.

A World of Hospitality

"In the cherry blossom's shade, there is no such thing as a stranger."

Kobayashi Issa — Japanese Poet

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